Livingstone Museum

The Livingstone Museum is Zambia’s oldest and largest museum. Established in 1934 and last renovated in 2003 the museum offers visitors a welcome respite from action-oriented activities in the area. The museum is located in the heart of Livingstone town just a 5 minute drive from New Fairmount Hotel & Casino.

In addition to the fantastic exhibition of Zambia’s different tribes, the principal attraction for many visitors is to learn more about our Victorian explorer (and the city’s founder) Dr. David Livingstone.

The David Livingstone Exhibit
You will learn that David Livingstone (1813-1873), a renowned Scottish explorer, doctor, slave-trade abolitionist and missionary is quite revered and respected in this part of the world. This respect is reflected in the care taken with the design and information that you will find in several of the museum rooms. Be wary of spending hours reading page after page of his original diary, neatly kept behind safety glass panels that is slidable in and out of a custom book shelf. It offers delightful insight into some of the critical and trivial issues that David Livingstone encountered on a daily basis. After reading excerpts from this heart wrenching diary you will have no doubt that Livingstone endured much to end slavery in this part of the world. Upon request, David Livingstone’s heart was buried in Zambia.

There are also very interesting personal artifacts on display, including his mirror, guns and trench coat (unbelievable to think he wore that in scorching Zambian sun). The exhibits about Sussi and Chuma – his faithful servants, and various other key individuals that helped Livingstone manage his explorations.